Uniq Metal – we operate in the recycling of non-ferrous metals since 1995 and the form was born by separating its structures from the company "Color Metal", so we have almost 20 years of experience. We buy non-ferrous metals. We are at the forefront of Polish companies, who purchase non-ferrous metal scrap for many years and successfully win new customers with a quick and fair pricing, excellent customer service and individual approach to the needs of our partners.

We buy non-ferrous metals from companies and private individuals, if you have this kind of resources and want to sell them please contact our Sales Department.

Become a customer of Uniq Metal - contact us and Sell owned metal scrap.

Metal trade
ul. Przemysłowa 5/24 35-105 Rzeszów
Tel. +48 17 77 88 108
Tel. +48 17 77 88 462

Metal trade

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