Silver scrap

scrap silver Ag

Price EURO/g
Silver min. 98% 395.11
Silver contacts fired from brass or copper (non magnetic) 312.79
Silver jewellery fineness 925 359.83
Silver plates from aviation batteries (without zinc) 376.29
Complete aviation batteries from silver-zinc 30.57
Luty srebne LS45, blaszki, druty (Ag45%) 152.87
Wires and plates LS25 (Ag25%) 72.91
Wires and plates LS15 (Ag15%) 16.46
Melts with different Silver content. Contact the office 0.00
Silver contacts fired from brass or copper (non magnetic). Contact the office 0.00

Purchases of silver
We offer an online purchases of silver. We own a great offer of buying silver contacts.
We encourage the sales of the silver scrap, offering in return the attractive prices of purchases.
Silver is one of the oldest metals known to man since ancient times. It was used in the production of jewelry. Currently, it maintains the position of one of the most popular precious metals in the world. 

Silver (Ag symbol, Latin name Argentum) is one of the most important and the most popular (after gold) precious metals. It is a metal known to man since antiquity, and also one of the most popular types of metal used in the manufacture of jewelry.
A characteristic feature of silver is its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. For this reason it is often used in the production of high-voltage contacts. 

Silver also has antibacterial properties, which is also used:
in medicine
in the clothing industry

Due to the excellent conductivity of silver it is widely used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment. You can find silver contacts in many electrical objects of everyday use. 
Silver contacts
We also buy all kinds of silver contacts, which can be found in old electronic devices such as computers, calculators, radios and record players.
Silver contacts
Silver contacts with copper and brass 
Purchase of silver – types
Silver, degree of purity greater than 99%, form - granule, the minimum amount of 2.5 kilograms
Silver contacts, without tungsten
Silver originating from the damaged jewelry  
Silver plates from aviation batteries - not used
Batteries with the silver-tin plates, not used
Silver lutes LS45% Ag over 0.3 kg
Silver lutes LS25% Ag over 0.3 kg
February, plaques LS15% silver, Ag
Silver melts and other content 


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