Gold scrap

scrap gold Au

Price EURO/g
Gold 24-karat (Au99,9%) 31.28
Gold jewellery 22 karat (916) 28.22
Gold jewellery 18 karat (750) 23.28
Gold jewellery 14 karat (585) 18.11
Gold jewellery 12 karat (500) 15.52
Melts with different Gold content. Contact the office 0.00

Gold jewelry and decorations made from this material had long since gone out of fashion. But what should you to do when your home is filled with this kind of totally unnecessary and redundant objects? The best solution is to resell them, but now it is hard to find an honest and trustworthy merchant, who would not want you fool you and actually give you a proper descent price, due to the amount of the products. 
A very good option - is sellin your golden to someone buying gold. Points of this type are located in every town. Goldsmiths accept golden items verywillingly. However, in fact, it does not matter for them, in what form we bring them the metal and whether it is jewelry or decoration or anything else. The buying price is counted only basing on the item's weight. 
This form of transaction is basically good for everyone. Although, it is unlikely to find a specific one-time buyer who will be able to purchase all our issued for sale items. But, we know that for everything we give we will get the appropriate cash. 


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