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Uniq Metal Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2011 by extracting it from the Kolor Metal holding company, which exists on the market for more than 25 years now. We specialize in trading different kinds of rare metals, as well as precious metals.

Our offer is dedicated to individual customers, who own metals for sale, and also to business clients, interested in selling their metals or buying them from our firm. We are interested in cooperating with polish and foreign clients. We gained stability in our firm with the hard work and the team of specialists, qualified in the field of metal trade.

Our work is based on some stages including: buying scrap in good prices, which involves precise weighting of the bought metals, following by their utilization, and then a proffecional recycling.

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We offer the client to choose the form of payment for sold metal – cash or 1-hour bank transfer. Wa accept any quantity of mentioned metals. We establish lasting cooperation with different private or state institutions.
Establishing cooperation with foreign clients in the field of regaining precious metals allowed us to develop the competitiveness of our offer. Better cooperating conditions allowed us to constantly gain our part in the trade market of precious and rare metals.  

We are still searching for new customers and suppliers in Europe and around the world, to spread our business in Poland.

Metal trade
ul. Przemysłowa 5/24 35-105 Rzeszów
Tel. +48 17 77 88 108
Tel. +48 17 77 88 462

Metal trade

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