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Platinum is derived from the platinum group of metals and is one of the most expensive precious metal. That's why it received a nickname "white gold" - in the last 25 years there were times when the price of platinum was 3 times higher than the price of gold. This made the recovery of platinum from scrap very popular in those times. At the moment, the price of the metal is close to the price of gold. 
Platinum is the most commonly used metal in industry, medicine, and less frequently in jewelry,  where gold is still more popular.
It should also be emphasized that platinum, as one of not many precious metals, does not react with most acids, metals and gases, which makes it a perfect catalyst in various fields. It is also interesting , that unlikely to gold or silver, a person can not be allergic to platinum, this possibility simply does not exist. 
Platinum trading is carried out iwith various forms of this metal, and the most popular are: platinum wire, platinum plates, pots, lids, various platinum products, rings, catalytic platinum nets and platinum electrodes. 


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